1850 The Hague -1936 The Hague
Born in The Hague Louis Apol was just the right age to be a follower of the Hague School that started around 1870. In an impressionist style he became the painter of winter landscapes and continued in a “modern” style an old Dutch artistic tradition of winter landscapes. The muted colours, the atmospheric light, the absence of people, the “warm” glow of snow or the illusion of coldness in the frozen soil are succesfully rendered on canvas in bold brush strokes. Apol started painting at a young age (15), mostly in and around The Hague, later in the eastern province of Gelderland as well. In 1880 Apol joined an expedition to Spitsbergen on the schooner “Willem Barentz” to record in drawing the impressions along the way of the Arctic landscape. In a glass cage on deck, Apol made several hundred drawings, watercolours and some paintings. The ship stranded but was rescued before the harsh winter had set in. With these drawings as inspiration, Apol made a “Panorama” in Amsterdam, with stuffed polar bears and seals to complete the scenes. Panorama’s were very popular entertainment at the end of the 19th century. Unfortunately it was only a temporary exhibition!
. During his life as well as after his death in 1937 Apol’s work remained popular. His work can be found in several Dutch museums, in the collections of our Royal family and in private collections in The Netherlands and abroad.

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